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Grown along the wild coastline of Kangaroo Island in the clean, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, our pacific oysters are in season from April to December each year. Deep water and coastal farming techniques are used to grow our premium oysters.

Wholeshell Kangaroo Island Pacific Oysters

Pacific Oysters

Fresh Whole Oysters

Our Coastal Cremes are available April—June and then from Sep—Nov. Deep Water Premiums available June—Dec.

Kangaroo Island Snaptop Oysters

SnapTops - Frozen 1/2 shell

(shucked) pre-topped oysters

This award winning product makes catering with oysters a breeze!  We harvest and shuck our oysters when at their peak and then use snap freezing techniques developed in conjunction with the SA Research and Development Institute to ensure the meat  quality and flavours are retained when they are defrosted.  SnapTops are pre-topped with our favourite selection of toppings ready to heat and eat!

Wholeshell Kangaroo Island native Angasi oysters

Angasi Oysters - Whole Shell

Native Angasi oysters farmed in our pristine waters.  In season from March to November.

Shucked Kangaroo Island pacific oysters

Fresh 1/2 shell

(shucked) Oysters

The hard work is already done for you! These oysters are ready to eat natural, top with your favourite toppings or freeze to enjoy at a later date. Buy 1/2 doz, dozen, box or get farmgate prices by the sack.

Frozen wholeshell Kangaroo Island Pacific Oysters

Frozen Whole Shell Oysters

During the peak of the season (spring), oysters across South Australia are frozen so there are oysters available to enjoy during the Summer months. 

Kangaroo Island Farm Shop Sheoak Smoked Oysters

Smoked Oysters

The Oyster Farm Shop create a delicious smoked oyster by hot smoking our oysters using the native Sheoak nut, ideal for Platters, a tasty addition to seafood recipes or just a delicious snack.

Shucked Kangaroo Island Native Angasi oysters

Angasi Oysters - Half Shell

Native Angasi oysters farmed in our pristine waters.  In season from March to November.


Kangaroo Island Greenlip Abalone


Greenlip Abalone farmed inland at Smith Bay on the North coast of Kangaroo Island using the clean, fresh pristine waters to grow them to market sizes. KI Abalone exports their product to Japan and other high end markets. The abalone is frozen using state of the art technology in shell and is available in a range of sizes.

South Australian Live Blacklip Mussels

Live Mussels

Sourced from various sustainable aquaculture farms in pristine Southern Australian waters.

Kangaroo Island Greenlip Abalini (juvenile)


Farmed Greenlip Abalone

can be harvested at any size, unlike wild catch, which has strict size requirements. Abalini is a small sized Abalone that is very easy to prepare and a great way to try abalone without having to do much preparation. Ask for one of our recipe cards for a simple way to cook

Abalini on the BBQ or in a pan. Available in 250g BBQ packs or 1kg box.

crustaceans - freshwater



Marron, also known as a Freshwater Crayfish, live in the clean freshwater rivers and estuaries on Kangaroo Island and are farmed in fresh water ponds. These crustaceans can be enjoyed grilled or boiled in salty water. The tail and claw meat are eaten. Seasonal availability Dec - May. Ask for one of our recipe cards for instructions on how to best prepare and cook a Marron. 

Kangaroo Island marron

Live Marron

Available graded on the farm and sold in a variety of sizes/weights or ungraded, often on special, when we have them in stock.

Kangaroo Island Marron

Frozen, Uncooked Marron Tails

We prepare and blast freeze only the Marron tail meat in the shell so that you can take them home, split them and cook them. No mess, no fuss just thaw, split, cook and enjoy…. yum!

Kangaroo Islan marron

Whole Frozen,

Uncooked (Green) Marron

We have found the best way to freeze and package uncooked Marron so you can take them home and prepare them at a later date.

Kangaroo Island marron

Pickled Marron

Try our pickled Marron for a decadent snack or tasteful addition to a nibbles platter—often combined with Yabbie meat.


Yabbies, like marron, live inland in the clean, freshwater dams and estuaries on Kangaroo Island and are farmed in fresh water ponds. Similar in size to a prawn, yabbies can be enjoyed grilled or boiled in salt water. The tail and claw meat are eaten. Yabbie meat is a big favourite among the locals!

Kangaroo Island Yabbies

Live Yabbies

Live Yabbies available.

Kangaroo Islan Yabbies

Cooked Yabbies

Let us do the work for you! We prepare the live yabbies humanely and cook them ready for you to enjoy on their own or with your favourite accompaniment.


crustaceans - saltwater

Kangaroo Island Southen Rocklobster or crayfish

Saltwater Crayfish or Rock Lobster

The well-known Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus Edwardsii) sourced directly from local crayfish boats to 

you! Cooked and ready to eat. Caught in our clean Southern waters by local fishermen under the strict regulations set down by PIRSA to ensure stocks are sustainable. Freezes very well cooked so you can save them for that special occasion! 

smoked produce

My grandpa always made the most delicious smoked Snook which was a highlight of school holidays with my grandparents on Eyre Peninsula.  He built his own smoking box out of an old fridge and it was cranking when the Snook were on the bite!) Probably not quite up to food safety standards today but it did the job!

Following in his footsteps, our Farm Shop produces a variety of delicious smoked products using hot smoking techniques with a traditional island wood source, the native Sheoak nut from the Casuarina trees prolific on KI.

Smoked Produce
Kangaroo Island Sheoak Smoked Oysters

Smoked Pacific Oysters

Available in 120g and 200g tubs, these delicious Sheoak smoked oysters are Moorish and one tub just isn’t enough!  Packed in canola oil our smoked oysters make a great addition to nibble platters, or pasta dish or just as an indulgent snack.  When all the oysters have been enjoyed use the flavoursome oil to cook your next dish!

Kangaroo Island Sheoak Smoked Sustainable Fish

Smoked Sustainable Fish

We source local sustainable fish to hot smoke using the native Sheoak nut to produce delicious smoked fish packs for you to enjoy.  Perfect for a platter, pasta dish or an indulgent snack.

Kangaroo Island Sheoak Smoked Mussels

Smoked Mussels

Available in 120g tubs, we smoke SA farmed mussels using the native Sheoak nut and pack them in Canola oil.  Perfect for a platter, pasta dish or an indulgent snack


South Australian waters are well regulated to ensure that fish stocks are protected and that fish will indeed be a food of the future. In conjunction with the Australian Marine Conservation Society, The Oyster Farm Shop selects fish caught from local waters that are considered to be sustainably fished so that you can be sure that you are getting the very best seafood without impacting on our pristine marine environment.

Kangaroo Island King George Whiting

Kangaroo Island

King George Whiting

Prized southern ocean fish, highly sought after for its firm delicious flesh from the cool, pristine water off the coast of Kangaroo Island. Vacuum packed for your convenience. A very mild fish which freezes well.


Kangaroo Island


Large fillets of fish with a stronger fish flavour, great on the bbq or baked in the oven with lots of yummy fresh herbs. A prized fish!


Other Local Sustainable Fish

Any fish that is recognized as being sustainable and is caught in our clean waters by local fishermen may be on sale depending what is is the catch of the day eg. Flathead, snook etc. 


Kangaroo Island


Delicious, locally caught garfish fillets vacuum packed for your convenience. 


Kangaroo Island

Tommy Ruff

Known in other states as a Australian Herring, these fish are caught in abundance in Kangaroo Island’s clean waters during Summer months.  A smaller fish, they have a delicious taste that everyone likes. They freeze exceptionally well.

Kangaroo Island Southen Calamari or squid

Southern Calamari

Squid, or Southern Calamari, is caught in pristine local waters around Kangaroo Island.  Our Kangaroo Island Squid is frozen whole to make cleaning and preparation easier.


farm shop products

Kangaroo Island Kilpatrick Sauce

Kangaroo Island

Kilpatrick Sauce

Our own recipe for Kilpatrick sauce used on oysters with a sprinkle of bacon... yum!


Wasabi Mayo

Creamy blend of whole egg mayonnaise and Japanese horseradish to give your oysters a fresh kick!


Kangaroo Island

Honey, Soy & Ginger Sauce


Tartare Sauce

Seafood Cocktail Sauce

Garlic Butter

Chilli Butter



The  Oyster  Farm  Shop  is  the  retail  outlet  and  wholesale  packing facility for  Kangaroo  Island  Shellfish,  the  largest  commercial oyster farm  on  Kangaroo  Island.   Our  Deep  Water  and  Coastal  Crème oysters are grown along the wild coastline of Kangaroo Island in the pristine,  unpolluted  waters  of  the   Southern  Ocean.   They  have  a reputation across Australia for their clean, fresh flavour and plump meat that fills the shell.


We take pride in also showcasing the fantastic range of aquaculture products that are being farmed on the island in an environmentally conscious way. Our shop brings to you quality products  from  farms  on  Kangaroo  Island  and  regionally  for  you  to experience  the  taste  of  KI  with  the  convenience  of  a  one-stop-shop  and  value  for money.


With state  of the  art freezing  equipment  and processes to  ensure  meat condition  & flavours are retained, we can ensure that we offer you only premium fresh or frozen products, Handled in the best possible way to preserve their delicious taste for your enjoyment, our  product  range  provides  a convenient  way to  create tantalizing  meals easily.


You can feel good about the fish we offer you as we are also committed to providing only sustainable seafood from our clean local waters, where fish stocks are managed responsibly.   To  assist  in  this  commitment  we  work  with  the  Australian  Marine Conservation  Society  and  use  their  Sustainable  Seafood Guide to identify species that are considered sustainable.


But that’s not all…. Using  this  catalogue  you  can  pre-order  your  produce  so  that  it  will  be  pre-packed ready upon your island arrival or for guests staying in your island holiday home. We can  arrange  delivery to  drop off  points  around the  island  and  we  also  have  a pickup depot in Penneshaw where your order can be collected from. How easy is that?!

Premium Fresh or Frozen?

Why is our frozen range so good?

1.  We only select products that are suitable for premium product freezing.

2.  Each product is frozen at its peak on the farm using the optimum method required for that product whether it be nitrogen or blast frozen.

3.  Each product is pre-prepared for your convenience, so it keeps perfectly, looks great and when you eat this product you will think it is better than fresh!

We know you’ll be impressed by our frozen range of aquafood and sustainable seafood.


These are but a few examples of selecting quality produce to freeze, the best time to freeze it and the optimum freezing method. Whiting, flathead, garfish, tommy ruffs - all freeze very well, are vacuum packed for convenience, and thus staying fresher longer.


  • Crayfish - freezes best once cooked

  • Abalone - export quality frozen using state-of-the-art Nitrogen technologies at farm

  • Oysters - frozen 1/2 shell—blast frozen and glazed

  • Marron - best frozen green (uncooked) - blast frozen


Of course, we also have our convenient ready-to-heat-&-eat Frozen Range and Value Packs such as oysters Kilpatrick, abalini bbq packs and more...


Wholesale Clients 


We welcome wholesale customers. Wholesale pricing is dependent on quantities ordered and availability of seasonal produce. Please contact us to discuss our wholesale options further.

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