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Freshest oysters on the island!

Local ysters are harvested daily throughout the season (Apr-Jan) and shucked fresh for retail through the farmshop and for local restaurants/caterers. 

Select from the harvest of the day and enjoy them natural or topped and chilled or grilled on our Harvest of the Day menu!

Our Products

The Oyster Farm Shop showcases aquaculture and sustainable seafood products from Kangaroo Island and regional waters including: 

Pacific Oysters 

Grown along the wild coastline of Kangaroo Island in the clean, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, deep water and intertidal farming techniques are used to grow Kangaroo Island's oysters. A salty crisp tasting oyster with cucumber and melon tones.

Angasi oysters

A new species being farmed in Kangaroo Island waters are the Native Angasi oysters.  Native to South Australia waters these oysters have a more round flat shell with meat that has an earthy, mineralised flavour that lingers on your palate.

Kangaroo Island Abalone and Abalini

Greenlip abalone farmed inland at Smith Bay on the North coast of Kangaroo Island using the clean, fresh pristine waters to grow them to market sizes. KI Abalone exports their product to Japan and other high end markets. The abalone is frozen using state of the art technology in shell and is available in a range of sizes.

Wild Marron

Marron, also known as a freshwater crayfish, live in the clean freshwater rivers and estuaries on Kangaroo Island and are farmed in fresh water ponds. These crustaceans can be enjoyed grilled or boiled in salty water. The tail and claw meat are eaten.

King George Whiting and Southern Calamari

South Australian waters are well regulated to ensure that fish stocks are protected and that fish will indeed be a food of the future. In conjunction with the Goodfish (Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide) we selecs fish caught from local waters that are rated as Better Choice species, sustainably fished so that you can be sure that you are getting the very best seafood without impacting on our pristine marine environment.

Eat Like an Islander Recipe Cards

Gather up a feast to cook back at your accommodation and we can provide product recipe cards to help you cook like a Masterchef and Eat Like an Islander! Ask in store.

Fresh vs Frozen Range

Most of our products are available to buy fresh/frozen. We have selected our product range based on whether they can be frozen and thawed without losing their quality.  


Best freeze techniques are used to ensure the quality of all of our frozen products.  As such, our range is limited but rest assured that all our produce is brought in fresh and frozen on the day after the catch date or on the boats the day it is caught.  


This means that instead of having fresh produce sitting in a fridge for days losing quality, we only have quality frozen products for retail. 

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