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our values

We run our business based on our core business values, which are consistent with Brand Kangaroo Island goals of discovering "the things that really matter in life":

  • Authenticity

  • Connected to Unspoilt Nature

  • Personal Relationships 

  • Seclusion (Island)

  • Peaceful/Restored



  • If the business is closed down and all infrastructure was removed, the environment would return to its natural state (quickly) as if never there.

  • No permanent impact on biodiversity, species etc. and environment (ie no depletion of limited resources, no permanent extinction of any biodiversity).

  • To have a positive impact and  contribute to the reversing of any other man-made impact to environment.  Plant trees, regenerate or help native species to retain the natural order.

  • Complete usage of produce, aim for zero wastage.



  • We value our team of staff and their contributions to our business. 

  • We are fair to our employees and do not exploit our staff.  

  • We offer opportunities to develop and train our staff to learn new skills or provide personal development.  

  • We enable our team to share in our successes and give them a sense of belonging and pride in what they do. 

  • We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for our staff to work. 

  • We employ local staff where possible and make positive contributions to our local community.


  • Set, meet and review financial targets for business to be financially sustainable. 

  • Meet owners, and staff, financial requirements (within our guidelines, ethos, policies, etc).

  • Create a product or service that has a financial value that people want or need and are prepared to pay for ie feel have got value for money with an open pricing structure.

  • Make a positive contribution to the local economy.

  • Support community projects that align with our values.

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