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Sea change to See Change

The term Sea Change seems a bit cliche nowadays, but 12 years ago it was quite radical. To leave the Information Technology industry and go into Primary Production was not normal. Much like moving from the inner city, corporate world, to a remote, isolated, rural life. But that is what we did, me and my IT Nerd... who is now an Oyster Farmer!

The Oyster Farmer and his wife!

Our sea change took us from Adelaide metro to Kangaroo Island where we decided to raise our young family when the girls were just 4yo and 1yo. Why? We wanted them to live 'free-range' like we did in our youth, with the safety and security that a close knit community provided. We did this knowing that they would eventually need to learn the 'street-smarts' required to survive in the city, and allow them to embrace the best of both worlds. But for their primary school years, the country life was what we wanted to give them.

Dad and Jess shucking oysters together

So we sold our IT Recruitment company, moved to the island and, a year later, bought an oyster farm. No - we didn't know anything about oyster farming. No - we hadn't always been interested in oyster farming and; No - we hadn't the slightest idea of what we were getting ourselves into! We knew we wanted to work together on a project, and we knew that we wanted to do something good in the world that was environmentally conscious. We knew that the oyster farm would enable us to do this.

The oyster farm was well established however not well branded. The business was not turning a profit and had been owned previously by off-island owners. It came with a team of staff that farmed the oysters and the infrastructure was already in place. We believed that with the administrative, marketing and business management skills that we had, we could turn the farm into a sustainable island business. So it began!

Part of our intertidal lease

This blog will tell the story of the many of the ups and downs we have had during our adventure. It has been anything but boring and is quite a tale that is begging to be told, even if just for our daughters! I am not a writer but love to tell a good story, so follow our blog for an entertaining read!

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