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who we are

Life is an adventure...  Our adventure has been a true sea change!


We began our story in corporate IT, recruitment, white collar, an inner city living lifestyle. We left it behind for oyster farming, tourism and food production, blue collar, and isolated, remote country living!

Ken and I decided to move our young family to Kangaroo Island so that we could raise them as ‘free-range kids’, giving them a childhood of freedom and safety.  We sold our IT Recruitment company, Choice IT, in 2005 and moved to Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island.  

A year later, we started looking for a business investment on the island.  We wanted a business that met our core values, including minimal impact on the environment, and contributing to our community.  


There were some oyster farms on the market on KI at the time, so we did our research and found that not only are oyster farms great for the environment, they also provide a sustainable food source for people. It ticked the boxes of our core values.  


Farming and fishing the sea has long been in both my and Ken's family. Saltwater farming seemed a fitting adventure for us!

With a steep learning curve and some harsh lessons learned about farming, we have created a year-round, sustainable business on Kangaroo Island.  


Our girls grew up with the freedom and security similar to that which we enjoyed back in our childhood, and the Dudley Peninsula will always be a place for them to call home.


~ Amanda Rowe, July 2018

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